The Sneep Crew RW ECO RMB1 VIETCONG are part of a pack inspired by the film that started the legendary action film saga Rambo of the eighties. As you all know, it was starring Sylvester Stallone and is set in the Vietnam War, so the two versions that make up the pack, these and the RW ECO RMB1 USA, which will be available very soon, pay tribute to this event.

In this new colorway we mix the best of fiction and reality in a single silhouette. The RW ECO VIETCONG is full of details, some obvious as the camouflage or the Vibram technology sole and others not so much but they make the result of the set spectacular. Under the toe box we have hidden reflective panels that make a perfect match with the embroidered tongue shield. The rest of the shoe is made of the premium materials that you are used to, we continue to give the best of the best, none of this has changed.

The RW ECO RMB1 VIETCONG will be available on Thursday, july 23th from 20:00 (Spanish time) at this link. The Pack is limited and has few units per size, so better set an alarm and mark the calendar with a red circle!