Duality in a single sneakers launch: SneepCrew Pro Zool Stronger and Terso.

The new season has just begun and after the launch of the PRO ZOOL SKIMO and the RW ECO BIZARRO there are coming two more Drops, this time with very different inspirations: innocence and calm opposed to strength and energy. The result is the PRO ZOOL TERSO and the PRO ZOOL STRONGER, both suitable for sneakerheads with personality who want to enjoy the daily comfort provided by the latest technology of Vibram soles.

The PRO ZOOL TERSO transmit that innocent peace caused by pastel colors, the softness of the suede and the harmony between the shapes. The TERSO gives you a fashionable look, friendly, fun and different, perfect for any outfit and style. Inspired by pastel colors, Feng Shui and the sophistication that exists in the mixture of colors to create calm and comfort. The TERSO will give you that little Oasis that you always need in the asphalt jungle.

The strength and high contrast of the color scheme give the name to these showy PRO ZOOL STRONGER. The upper are made in the primary colors accompanied by black and white to create a visual flare, enhanced by the 3M reflector under the perforated panels. STRONGER are for those energetic days, when you want to stand out and always be stylish.

The TERSO and the STRONGER are now available for Pre-Order so you can be sure that they will be in your collection. The official launch of both will be on March 2, so mark that date on your calendars!