Obscure x SneepCrew: Stronger together

It has not been a coincidence that Obscure Sneakers and Sneepcrew have met along the way and decided to share it together. There are many values in common: love for the sneaker culture, collecting small treasures and the passion for well done things. Now we are collaborators trying to show the world and the sneaker culture our particular point of view.

Our journey began with a 115 pairs limited edition that we baptized as “Mahi Mahi“. We worked a whole year in the development of these Obscure x SneepCrew and success was not long in coming. Miami and its fishing community were the inspiration for the Obscure x SneepCrew Mahi Mahi with a vibrant eyecatcher colorway. The Sneaker Culture really loved this drop thanks to the construction, limited release and different vibes.

The second collaboration was the Obscure x SneepCrew Rw Eco Red Snapper. The Red Snapper, a local Fish in South Miami inspires this new drop of the Fishing Pack. We wanted to do something more with this release and decided to make a totally new model resulting in the Obscure x SneepCrew Red Snapper. and they are only 70 units of them. The beautiful coral color dyes the new silouette in which the reflective panels stand out as if they were scales.

Currently there are a few pairs available of the Obscure x SneepCrew Red Snapper, hurry up, you will need them in your personal sneakers collection!