PRO ZOOL SKIMO: when the mountain and the skier become one.

Here in Sneepcrew we like things pure, straight and no cheating. Skimo or croos-country skiing is an example of this: the human being faced to the most powerful snowy mountains, wearing only their clothes and skis. No chairlift, snowmobile or extra help. We like to practice this type of sports in which you’re alone against the mother nature in it’s wildest form. This’s the lifestyle that we try to apply to our brand, following our own way of designing, without any trick, no lies and completely clear things. The hands of ours artisans are our skis and creating premium sneakers ir our top.

The PRO ZOOL SKIMO are our tribute to this sport, inspired by colors of technical clothing, mountains and sensations that invade you when you’re by yourself on the highest peak and knowing that you climbed it to the top with your own legs. To make this model official we decided to used our PRO ZOOL silhouette with a Vibram sole, worthy of a sport which adrenaline and the wildest nature become one.

Our Premium suede, the craftmanship all over the construction of the uppers and the latest technology applied to our Vibram mid-soles are the key to the PRO ZOOL SKIMO. Our most intrepid model only suitable for those who enjoy mountaineering, crossing, effort and rewards of doing it their own. You can reserve your SKIMO in our launches tab so make sure do it if you don’t want to miss a pair of these limited edition sneakers.