Behind the Design: RW ECO JUNGLE HUNTER

The RW ECO JUNGLE HUNTER are part of the PREDRATOR PACK, our tribute to “Predator”, that great science fiction film created by Jim and John Tomas in 1987. The PRO ZOOL THERMAL VISION completes the pack inspired by the thermal vision that the mythical science fiction characters have.

The RW ECO JUNGLE HUNTER are inspired by the camouflage that the Yautjas have that makes them practically invisible in the jungle. The big cities are our jungles and we have tried to create a colorway that match with our streets but would not go invisible. Premium gray nubuck represents concrete and asphalt, the bright touches like 3M under the perforated panels or coral color on the Vibram sole make a balanced color scheme that can be combined easily . The logo on the tongue and the extra laces add the premium touch to this tribute to PREDATOR.

The RW ECO JUNGLE HUNTER will be available this Thursday, June 4 from 9:00 p.m. (Spanish time) trough this link. This Pack is a limited edition and has few units per size, so better set an alarm!