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Sneep Crew Rw Eco Gelem Gelem, a tribute to the Romani community.

The celebration, every April 8, of the International Day of the Gypsy People has taken place in different countries of the world since 1971 and is a recognition of the history, language and culture of the community. This date commemorates the 1st Romani / Gypsy World Congress, held in London and which produced the flag and the Gypsy anthem (Gelem Gelem). Since then it has been agreed to work for official recognition from the United Nations. It’s a festive and celebratory day, but also a way of making known the rich culture and history of the Romani people, as well as claiming the defense of their rights and the fight against discrimination.

From Sneep Crew we have wanted to pay special tribute to the Romani community and add to the cause as we know best, making a high quality shoe in which we embody all the most significant elements of the breed. In April we had the opportunity to launch our first proposal to the market, with a great result. It has become a unique color combination so far, with a magnificent reception from the entire collective. However, we always like to go further, which is why we decided to create a version that brings together the same elements of the former, this time with an aura of exclusivity and quality that make them even more special.

The Rw Eco Gelem Gelem Black are a limited edition of twenty pairs, numbered and to which very few will have access. In them we include all the extras that have been liked so much in their predecessors, such as the special box, the personalized insoles and the travel bag. They will be available very soon for some lucky ones. Do you want to be one of them? Just Pre-Order now!

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