Sneep x Sneakerheads ESP Eco Change “Malva”

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We present a color combination, for which an anthracite base has been used, as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering a large part of the upper and which has been combined with a bubblegum pink color, in addition to purple details , in the midsole a white base has been used, which completely covers the surface, the materials that we have used in the manufacture of this premium sneaker, have been a selection of premium suede, combined with details in beef and premium nubuck , the midsole is made of foam, to achieve greater lightness, in addition to providing a much more comfortable and efficient footprint.   Visit our premium sneakers store and get your pair of Sneep Crew Eco Change “Malva Project” and collaborate with a good cause.

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Made in Spain

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In Sneep Crew we are committed to a cancer-free world, that is why we have joined forces with our friends from Sneakerheads ESP, to make a premium solidarity sneaker, with which all the benefits we collect will go to the Aladina Foundation, a quality solidarity work and luxury finishes.

On this occasion we have joined forces with our friends from Sneakerheads ESP, to design and build a solidarity project, which, all the funds collected will go to the Aladina Foundation, in charge of offering support to children and adolescents suffering from cancer disease . In this magnificent project we have used the Sneep Crew Eco Change silhouette, one of our most recognized silhouettes and one of our first releases, as always a selection of quality materials, an infallible colorway, together with a personalized packaging, custom templates and cords by the Khorde brand, specialists in quality cords.

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