Toruk Fango


TTS: True To Size. * Woman Size.


TORUK are included in our RETROFUTURE line but they stand out from their sisters for
being much more aggressive in their shapes and with a more daring aesthetic. They share
the premium quality of materials and the VIBRAM logo on their sole, ensuring the best
technology, performance and durability. They stick out for being one of our silhouettes with
the greatest presence to date, with a robust midsole and undulating lines that make the
TORUK a shoe that is impossible to ignore.
The third colorway of the Toruk is much more sober than the previous ones, making the
silhouette stand out due to its shapes and not due to the combination of colors. Regarding
materials, this time we have decided to go for a mix of suede, nubuck and reflective inserts.
As always in the box, you will find two pairs of laces designed to fit perfectly with them, some
flat laces in gray and others black and round.
At the Sneep Crew factory, the hands of the artisan continue to be in the manufacturing
process together with current technology and advances, finding the perfect balance to give
the best premium sneakers that we are capable of making. That is why we continue to
manufacture in Spain trying to put a little soul in each of our creations.

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