SuckmySocks x SneepCrew, the MINT REVOLUTION

These last years have been a revolution in the sneaker world, creating a culture with its own history, its own trends and preferences. In conclusion, a new lifestyle. One of the most liked trends is the Color Mint Green, better known as MINT. There is more than one iconic model with this color starring the aesthetic and it is that since Nick Diamond put it on the scene it has become a true “Game Changer”.

We live sneaker culture as true sneakerheads and we understand the importance of the details. That’s why we got down to work to create our own Sneepcrew RW ECO Mint with neutral tones and black color letting the Mint green shine. This beautiful sneakers were highly acclaimed by the national and international sneaker community and if you have not purchased them yet, they are on sale right now.

We know the habit of not wearing socks from other brands with your sneakers and we have solved the problem as we like to do, with a collaboration: Mint My Socks.

Suckmysocks joined the Mint initiative designing this socks inspired in the RW ECO mint that perfectly match. You can see the result in the photos, it is pure fire. Purchase now the perfect combo ready for the spring season!