VIBRAM AND SNEEPCREW, Only the best for the crew.

For Sneepcrew, sneakers are much more than pretty shoes, we value the design, quality of materials, history, functionality, craftsmanship and inspiration. But let’s not forget that Sneakers are our point of contact with the floor and that the soles are the main thing of all footwear. In our beginnings we handmade the soles and midsoles, taking care of every detail. Handcrafted soles and midsoles are still present in the STREET line, but now we want more. Maximum traction, non-slip, durability, adaptation to extreme climates and of course, trend aesthetics.

We decided to work with the best brand of soles on the market with decades of work (since 1945) with High tech and a groundbreaking design. Today, Vibram technology is a benchmark among lovers of the mountains and it’s growing enormously in the Sneaker market.

We always bet on quality, for having the best soles and a few months ago Vibram and Sneecrew drop their own collaboration: The Sherpa Pack in honor of its mountain origins. Our entire RETROFUTURE line is finished with Vibram midsole and sole because we have always wanted the best for our Crew. Click here and get your SNEEPCREW with Vibram sole!