El diseño de las sneakers Sneepcrew empieza por una idea

Sneepcrew was born with our illusion of undertaking a project in which premium sneakers were designed by sneakerheads and made by shoemakers masters. The enthusiasm, work and respect for street culture were the foundations of the Spanish brand and creating something new away from the current market was the target. In Sneepcrew the detail, design, the manufacturing process and the concept are the main thing. Each design of the sneepcrew sneakers starts with an idea and has a message on its own.

It all starts when the design team gets down to work and begins to work with brainstormings. The premise is always to convey something, tell a story and treat the shoes with conceptual power. Later, we begin the sketches on paper: artistic in which we are looking for aesthetics and technical in which artisans and designers work hand in hand to create the best solutions.

Once the design is done, the process begins to materialize with prototypes and samples, testing different materials, shapes, colorways and midsoles. All sneepcrew sneakers have pass through this process with everyone giving 100% to create something that adds value to the sneaker culture. So when you wear Sneepcrew, you are wearing something else, not just simple sneakers. Don’t have a pair in your collection yet? Check our Outlet!