Sneep Crew: Designing and Manufacturing for over 40 years.

Sneep Crew was born in a family of shoemakers with more than four decades of history. Forty years give for many changes, but those changes, in the world of footwear, have not always been for better.

The technological advance opens a world of infinite possibilities, but in general, the quality of footwear and the care in its manufacture has declined in a world full of hype, marketing and wild prices.

Sneep Crew was born with a clear idea: turn back the Sneakers where they deserve to be, designed with care and manufactured on a small scale to fight against the shoes produced by millions and finished without care.

Craft, technology and passion working hand to hand.

Our philosophy is to integrate artisanal work and technological advances to produce, in Spain, sneakers with the highest quality.

The design, control of materials and manufacturing of all models are entirely done at our factory in order to offer premium products at a competitive price. Without intermediaries, Sneep Crew go directly from the manufacturing process to your personal collection.

The finishes of each pair reflect the experience acquired throughout a lifetime manufacturing footwear added to our passion for Sneakers and premium sports shoes. You will not regret betting on us, we dress for our feet!