Legacy “Memento Mori”


HPS: Half Past Size. Woman Size. (w).


Limited Edition


Made in Spain

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Memento Mori (“Remember that you will die”) is a phrase of Latin origin that recalls the mortality of the human being. It is often used to identify a frequent theme, or topic, in art and literature that deals with the transience of life. The detail that often reveals the presence of a “vanitas painting” is a human skull, usually accompanied by other symbols alluding to the impermanence of life and the futility of human effort.

This combination is composed of 3 white “nude” shades that represent the color of bones, this generates a differentiation in the sneaker pieces, in addition to combining different raw materials to texturize the product, a “graphite” gray has also been used for the tongue and black for the “SC” monogram on the heel, Sneep logo on the quarter and on the high density label, all this to differentiate the neutrality from the rest of the elements.

Among the main materials we find: Smooth leather, nylon with foam seen on the tongue, fine suede that provides a soft and pleasant feel, plus the inner lining is smooth leather in off-white. The original laces are the same color as the sole, plus some gray and pink laces giving it a bolder touch.

It should be added that its versatile colorway and the materials used such as leather and synthetic tongue combine perfectly providing an elegant and sporty touch at the same time. The Legacy “Memento mori” sneaker is the perfect choice for any type of outfit.

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