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Service Date – January 2024

Limited Edition


Made in Spain

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These RW Eco bring back the retro running aesthetic of the 80’s with a multi-layer upper, sleek lines and made with vegan materials. The RETROFUTURE line features a Vibram midsole that provides the latest cushioning technology, lightweight, durability and grip perfect for everyday wear.

The shoe is composed of mostly dark colors. Starting with a black base in the midsole I represent the afterlife. The torn material on the back represents the suffering and pain of death. The gray colors represent the process when the soul leaves the body at death to move to eternal preservation. The color gold, sometimes reflective material or soft skin, represents the jewels of Anubis and the treasures in the underworld. Likewise, the color green sometimes reflective material or soft skin represents the emeralds and precious stones in their jewelry as part of their clothing.

In the Sneep Crew factory the craftsman’s hands are still in the manufacturing process along with technology and current advances finding the perfect balance to give the best premium sneakers we are capable of making. That’s why we continue to manufacture in Spain trying to put a little bit of soul in each of our creations.

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