Rw Eco “Gelem Gelem Brown”


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Made in Spain

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We celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Day of the Gypsy People. It has taken place in different countries of the world since 1971 and is a recognition of the history, language and culture of the people. This date recalls the 1st Romani/Gypsy World Congress, held in London on April 8, 1971, in which the flag and the gypsy anthem (Gelem Gelem) were decided, and it was agreed to work for recognition from the United Nations of the Gypsy People.

It is a festive and celebratory day, but also a day to publicize the culture and history of the breed. In which it seeks to vindicate the defense of rights and the fight against discrimination, anti-Gypsyism, situations of inequality and vulnerability that this group has suffered.

Every detail involved in the shoe reminds us of this significant and historic event for the Romani community. These Rw Eco are made of premium quality brown, red, blue and green suede. They have a touch of textile printed with polka dots, black nubuck on the back and allusive embroidery throughout the upper. Under the perforations we have included leather in gold color to add shine and highlight the silhouette even more. We include a new box design, some very special insoles, a bag to keep them safe after use or when traveling and two pairs of laces in green with white and other brown to match the sneaker.

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