Sneep x Obscure Pro Thunder “Holy Grail”


TTS: True To Size.

Limited Edition


Made in Spain

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Our fourth collaboration with Obscure Sneakers is finally here! Obscure Sneakers and Sneep Crew are a match made in heaven. Why do you ask? Because we both have the same vision when it comes to the sneaker community. Quality, creativity and always staying true to our roots. The state of the sneaker game has been on a steady decline. Real sneaker collectors have felt the same way that Obscure and Sneep feel about it.

We wanted to get together and create another collaboration with the real collector in mind. We connected two themes in one with this project. When a collector admires a sneaker in his collection more than any other, what do we usually call it? We give it that elusive “Holy Grail” label. And this next sneaker based on the Thunder model is just that! It is created to give the real collector the sense of feeling of actually discovering the “Holy Grail” of runners. Picture yourself as an explorer that found a hidden temple in a remote jungle. You have your leather jacket, your whip, your hat, and your boots on. Yes, you are Indiana Jones, the “Indi” of the sneaker world. This sneaker is the treasure that you are striving to recover from this “Sneaker Hidden Temple”. You have planned your entire career as a collector to discover and obtain the ultimate “Holy Grail”.

The sneaker is dressed in lime green synthetic suede through the upper, premium yellow cow suede through the toe box, premium black, and brown nubuck. Perforations through the upper with a golden leather underlay. We use an incredible premium cream-yellow Vibram midsole with a light green outsole and red heel cup. Topping it all off with plush red suede on the toe box hit and Sneep Crew logo.

All united by an insole with graphics of golden coins and a unique box that will leave you open-mouthed. Inside the box you will find a second pair of laces and many more gold coins to show off. Take a breath of fresh air! A collaboration with you in mind! A sneaker that will return that nostalgia!

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