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Service Date – February 2024

Limited Edition


Made in Spain

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These RW Eco bring back the retro running aesthetic of the 80’s with a multi-layer upper, sleek lines and made with vegan materials. The RETROFUTURE line features a Vibram midsole that provides the latest cushioning technology, lightweight, durability and grip perfect for everyday wear.

Inspired by a tv show about people risking their lives just to try to better understand the forces of nature. Grey-ish blue is for the dark sky that surrounds a storm. Brown is for the dirt roads often ridden by the chasers at crazy speeds, to either chase or get away from the storm. White is for raindrops falling, lit up by the headlights of the storm chasers’ cars. Anthracite is for the storm itself, the tarmac roads and the pools of dirty rainwater scattered all around. Yellow is for the lightning bolts, and maybe a lonely star far away in the sky quietly hinting the storm is coming to an end.

In the Sneep Crew factory the craftsman’s hands are still in the manufacturing process along with technology and current advances finding the perfect balance to give the best premium sneakers we are capable of making. That’s why we continue to manufacture in Spain trying to put a little bit of soul in each of our creations.

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