Sneep Crew Rw Eco Gelem Gelem, a tribute to the Romani community.

We commemorate International Romani Day, which has been held in various countries around the world since 1971, in recognition of the history, language and culture of the Romani people.

This date is a commemoration of the 1st World Romani Congress, held in London on 8 April 1971, where the Romani flag and hymn (Gelem Gelem) were chosen and it was agreed to work towards the recognition of the Romani people by the United Nations.

It is a festive day for celebrations, but it is also a day for raising awareness about the culture and history of the Romani people and calling for the defence of their rights and the fight against discrimination and anti-Romani sentiment, as well as the situations of inequality and vulnerability that the Romani people have suffered and still suffer today.

Every detail that involves the sneaker reminds us of this meaningful and historic event for the Romani community. These Sneep Crew Rw Eco Gelem Gelem are made entirely of premium suede, printed moles textil and allusive embroidery all over the upper. We also include a new box design, a very special and unique insoles and a bag to keep them safe after wearing them.