SneepCrew values: Quality over Hype

For us, one of the strongest values that exist is to give you the highest quality without overpricing the sneaker. But the hype and all the agressive sneaker marketing are making just the opposite. We have been sneakerheads since the early 90’s and we grew up with the culture in full bloom.

Those were other times. Each sneaker collection was valued for the design, the history behind each pair and how you had achieved them. That was all that mattered. In fact, your sneakers collection represented what you were and not what everyone wanted to have because it has resale.

We are not going to put aside the sneaker culture and the real sneakerheads that values ​​quality more than hype. We came from a family of shoemakers, making us lovers of noble materials, technology and care in detail.

Nowadays it is more profitable to make a collaboration with a famous artist that has nothing to do with the sneaker culture but making bussines. Social networks and resale prices are the only thing that matters. The quality of the sneakers has dropped considerably while prices grew exponentially.

Today in 2020 Sneepcrew is still standing, maintaining our values and making real sneakers for real sneakerheads.