TRENDSPLANT X SNEEPCREW PACHYDERM, When two mediterranean brands join together.

The mythical collaboration we made with the Streetwear brand TRENDSPLANT made “Sold Out” fastly. You may not remember the hype that came out when Sneepcrew and the Mediterranean brand joined together. The result was this beautiful TRENDSPLANT X SNEEPCREW PACHYDERM. The inspiration was very clear: the Asian elephant. According to the people of Trendsplant “this animal represents all the values that we are trying to transmit with our brand and products: robustness, nobility, nomadism, fidelity and longevity.”

The premise was to find ivory on the toe, gray on the sides and simulates the cracks in the skin of adult elephants on the heel. As you can see, aesthetically it is very attractive, worthy of the most hyped outfits. The TRENDSPLANT X SNEEPCREW PACHYDERM was manufactured as a collector object, with only 100 pairs. The Sneepcrew factory made a perfect match with the design, concept and values ​​of the national clothing brand. You know the rest of the Story: fast sold out.

We are currently preparing very interesting new collaborations. We are sure that the new sneepcrews will make the sneakerheads stay tuned. If you do not want to miss any of these little pieces of sneaker history, follow us on instagram @sneepcrew, to be aware of all the news!